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Apart from the location, the other selling points of 878 Espana are the numerous amenities that come with the building. Rather than being just a run of the mill condominium, the 878 Espana gives off the same kind of vibe that a top hotel does. Your kids will surely enjoy living in 878 Espana so you do not have to worry about them feeling homesick or lonely.

One of the most important features of a condominium, especially one that caters mainly to college level students, is security. This is not an issue for 878 Espana for the building actually has its own team of highly trained security personnel. Not only are these guards watching over the main entrance of the condominium building, they also patrol every floor and every hallway to make sure that all of the residents are safe and sound. Aside from the human guards, there are also other eyes who are keeping watch over the occupants. You can find dozens of CCTV cameras that watch over the hallways and the other common areas, so if there is something that the guards might have missed, you can be sure that the cameras caught them on video.

In addition, every condominium unit is fitted with smoke and fire alarms that will alert the guards and the nearby fire station in case of fires. Aside from the smoke detectors, each unit also has built-in sprinkler systems. In addition, it is equipped with fire extinguishers so the fire can be put under control before it can get any bigger.

Besides the safety and security features, there are plenty of additional amenities that make living in 878 Espana feel more like a hotel stay rather than a student’s dormitory. If your kids like working out, then there is a fully equipped gym right inside the condominium, so they do not need to spend money on expensive gym memberships. Moreover, there is no need to commute to get to the gym. They can go straight to working out right after their classes and before they go back to their units.

The condominium also has its own lap pool. When the heat from the Metro Manila sun becomes too much to bear, which happens quite a lot, your kids can just put on their swimwear and head on over to the common pool area and take a dip in the cool, refreshing water. The great thing about the condominium’s pool is that it is also a lap pool, so your kids can also swim a couple of laps to strengthen their cardio and tone their muscles.

If your kids want to have a study session with their classmates, and they won’t fit inside the condominium unit, they can use the 878’s study hall. This place is wide and furnished with wide tables and chairs so your kids will have more than enough room to work on their group projects and assignments. In case they need to take a break from studying, there is a pantry next door where they can drink some coffee and nibble on pastries.

Building Features

  • 24-Hour Security
  • CCTV at The Lobby and Key Areas of The Building
  • Reception Counter
  • Individual Mailboxes
  • Property Management
  • Two (2) High Speed Elevators
  • One (1) Service Lifts
  • 3 Level podium Parking (2nd - 4th Floor)
  • Provision for Internet Connection
  • Provision for cable TV and Telephone
  • Standby Power Generator Set
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System



  • Fitness Gym
  • Function Room
  • Study Hall
  • Sundeck Garden
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